Яша (nonhuman) wrote in libertycaucus,

Third Parties

My apologies if you've already read this or simply don't care, I'm posting it most of the communities that listed 'third parties' as an interest and a few others as well.

I've created a community called us_thirdparties. It is a community for people interested in 'third' party politics in the United States. A place to ask questions and get answers about specific third parties or just the third party movement. Anyone of any political persuasion is invited to join and contribute and hopefully we can build a community with diverse political views. The ultimate goal of this community is to spread awareness of the third party movement and hopefully garner new support for the inclusion of these 'alternative' parties in American politics, so please lets try and avoid pointless bickering over individual policies. Keep in mind that legitimacy for one 'third' party is legitimacy for all 'third' parties.

(For the time being this community will be only lightly moderated, if at all, but I will crack down if people can't be civil. Hopefully we can all get along well enough to work towards our common and worthy goal: freedom of choice in politics.)
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