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libertycaucus's Journal

LJ Liberty Caucus
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This is a politics and current events blog for people interested in liberty. People of differing opinions are welcome, but if you're a communist, fascist, socialist, or anarchist, you might find this forum a bit hostile toward your viewpoints.

If you've tried the libertarian community, and found them too extreme, or tried the republican and democrat communities, and found them too annoying, this might be the community for you. Moderate small 'l' libertarians, liberty minded republicans or democrats, or even flaming liberals, might find this community to their liking.

Anyone can post or join, but I moderate posts to ensure reasonable quality content. I try not to censor anyone's views, but I like to limit posts to things I think add something. I heartily encourage comments on posts. Respectful disagreement is acceptable and encouraged, but flaming is discouraged. All posts should have comments enabled.

So what kind of things are we interested on here?

  • Current events
  • Politics
  • Constitutional Law & Legal Affairs
  • Liberty Related Happenings & Commentary
  • Political Science & Philosophy
  • History as it relates to current events